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Here, on Parnassus mountains, we cultivate our vineyard with special care and consideration for the environment. With dedication to the wine culture of our country, and through modern winemaking methods, we produce high quality wines that absolutely represent our unique location.


Argyriou Winery

Argyriou family aims at the consistent production of high quality wines, attributed to the soil and climatic conditions that prevail in the area of Parnassos.

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"I dreamt of the land of Parnassus giving us amazing wines and, so the journey began 23 years ago."


—  Nikos Argyriou

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Today, Argyriou Winery produces 9 different types of wine, placing special emphasis to the cultivation of old (but not forgotten) Greek varieties as well as to highlighting the special characteristics of international ones.

Image by Kate Hliznitsova

"I do not hide my passion for wine and this I owe it to my family, who taught me to love it."

-  Despoina Argyriou


This passion for wine and the culture that surrounds it, led us to create a unique place for wine tasting and hospitality, in the old house of our family, the  Argyriou Wine Tasting Guest House, at Polydroso.

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