Assyrtiko is produced in the vineyards of Parnassus, giving a special suggestion for this variety. The high altitude and the special terroir of the area give a fruity, high intensity wine.


Protected Geographical Indication Parnassus


Varietal Composition
100% Assyrtiko


Winemaking / Aging

After harvesting the grapes the method of pre-fermentation extraction  antioxidant environment to reinforce the original aromas and then the alcoholic fermentation of juice in  classified temperatures no higher than 16 C. Maintenance of wine for two months on light lees with regular stirring before bottling.

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Central Greece. The Greek variety Assyrtiko is cultivated in the vineyards of Lefkes and Anamero, respectively, in the viticultural zone of Parnassus at an altitude of 450 meters.


The soil has a clayey texture and moderate slopes that allow for good drainage.

The microclimate of the area is characterized by abundant rains and snowfalls in winter and mild, cool summers.


  • Assyrtiko


Green color with a strong aroma of lemon and lime. Notes of white flowers, cool acidity with a moderate aftertaste.

Food Pairings

A wine that accompanies impeccable seafood, fish and dishes with lemonade sauces.


Best served at 8-10° C.