The magic of the ancient Phocis, where the cultivation of the Argyriou vineyards takes place emerges from the MANTEIO (ORACLE). It is a wine produced from the famous Greek variety Assyrtiko and the international one Chardonnay.


Protected Geographical Indication Parnassus


Variety Composition
Assyrtiko, Chardonnay

After careful sorting of the grapes, there follows direct pressing. Next comes the alcoholic fermentation of the two varieties separately inside stainless-steel tanks at graded temperatures. And then comes the important point for the development of the blend, that is, the "marriage", i.e. blending of the two wines, which mature in French oak barrels for 4 months, where Battonage continues with a regular stirring program throughout the maturing period.

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Central Greece. The international variety Chardonnay and the Greek one Assyrtiko are cultivated in the vineyards of Lefkes and Anamero, respectively, in the viticultural zone of Parnassus at an altitude of 400-450 meters.


The soil has a clayey texture and moderate slopes that allow for good drainage.

The microclimate of the area is characterized by abundant rains and snowfalls in winter and mild, cool summers.


  • Assyrtiko

  • Chardonnay


A particularly refined wine with a fine golden-yellow color, reminiscent of tropical yellow fruits and citrus lemon aromas accompanied by a mild oak flavor. It has got a rich fat body with a pleasant long-lasting aftertaste.

Food Pairings

It is perfectly combined with Mediterranean dishes comprising of seafood appetizers or poultry and smoked cheeses.


Served at 8-10ºC.