"Tango" is a unique and special proposal that goes beyond the usual rosé wines. With an ethereal and imposing appearance that evokes a sensual dance and a taste that is different, it is a wine that suits every occasion.


It comes from the Greek local variety "Mavroudi Arachovis". Coral in color, with strong aromas of rose and peach. A balanced wine, soft in texture, with a crunchy taste and high intensity acidity.


Protected Geographical Indication Parnassos


Variety Composition


After the grapes are harvested, the cold extraction method is applied where the juice remains for about 24 hours in stainless steel tanks in order to extract to the maximum, the primary aromas of the variety. Alcoholic fermentation continues at progressively increasing temperatures. On the second day of the alcoholic fermentation, the juice is bleeding where it ferments separately, a process due to which the color peculiarity of this wine is due. Stay for 2 months in its light wine sludge before bottling.

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Region / Location

Central Greece. The Mavroudi variety is cultivated in the viticultural zone of Parnassos. The total area covered is 4 hectares in the vineyards of Livadorachi and Anamero at an altitude of 400-450 meters.


The soil has a clayey texture, the terrain has moderate slopes and southeast orientation.


  • Mavroudi


The main feature of this particular variety is the rich aromas of peach and rose.


Lively acidity in the mouth with unprecedented freshness gives pleasant, cool wines.

Food Pairings

Perfectly accompanies pasta with light sauces, yellow cheeses and seasonal fruits.


Serve at 8-10ºC.